Thalie embodies Parisian chic, minimalism and takes sustainable luxury handbags to new heights.

Thalie Paris is an eco-luxury brand of handbags & accessories founded in Paris 16th by Nathalie Dionne in 2020. 

The brand was created in the middle of a world pandemic with a desire to explore innovative and recycled materials for french luxury leather goods.

Nathalie Dionne imagined the brand manifesto during the first Paris lockdown in March 2020.  While taking a walk towards Palais de Tokyo in the 16th where she lives, she found Thalie written on a 30's Bas Relief of French sculptor Janniot.

The brand's aesthetic is inspired by 30's Modern Art, Paris 16th & enigmatic Parisians whom have inspired fashion photography and art throughout history like patron of the art Marie-Laure de Noailles at the "Le bal de la mer" wearing a dress made of marine leather or a series of images by Helmut Newton shot in late 70s in Paris 16th. 

Thalie, a Muse by whom nature reflourished

In ancient Greek, Thalie (Thaleia) means The flourishing

Thalie is also represented on major art from the Italian Renaissance as she appears as one of the 3 Graces or CharitiesIt is said that Thalie brought beauty to the world and through her nature revived. 

Thalie is also an endearing nickname, short for Nathalie her father used to give her...

Being Parisian is like an art of living that is not learnt, nevertheless fascinates an international clientele who loves Paris and fashion. 

At Thalie Paris, we create daring handbags for those who do not want to compromise on styling and functionality, but understand the importance of not over-consuming while using available resources. 

Each Thalie bag is designed to sublimate women, privileging ergonomics and movements, sensual and durable materials. 

Sustainability is an opportunity not a constraint to creativity and at Thalie, we take recycling to art.

Thalie was conceived as a brand strongly oriented towards sustainability in all its phases. From concept to distribution, Thalie is a pioneering brand in sustainable luxury leather goods and a key new player along side other french luxury brands.

Thalie’s Sushi collection offers bags produced from salmon skin industrial recycling from sushi restaurants in France. The Sushi collection is made of Squama leather; this marine leather is developed by ICTYOS – a startup incubated at Maison des Start-ups LVMH. Our iconic styles the LiviaCleo and Raphaelle are entirely Made in France reducing our carbon foot print. 

We also offer an innovative material as an alternative to leather made of cactus. A PeTA approved vegan material that consume little water and is durable. Meet Florine.

Pre-order a Thalie handbag to cherish, perhaps one day you can resell your Thalie bag as a value piece on the second hand luxury market. We are currently developing a Sorga blockchain tracing for each Thalie bag made in France.

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Photo: Helmut Newton - 16th Arrondissement, Paris 1976 

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