Thalie Paris embodies Parisian chic, minimalism and takes sustainable luxury handbags to new heights.

Our Atelier is based in Paris 16th, and we work with close to home artisans and tanneries. Our collections are made of up-cycled leather from France, recycled salmon skins collected from Sushi Shops wastes, or innovative bio-leathers like cactus leather. 

We value French "savoir-faire" in Haute Maroquinerie, offering high-end sustainable sourcing and traceability of our limited edition creations and up-cycled fine leather collections allowing the implementation of virtuous cycle and circular economy.

The brand aesthetic takes its cues from 30's Modern Art & enigmatic Parisians whom have inspired fashion photography and art throughout history. We want to invite women of the world to feel Parisian. Being Parisian is like an art of living that is not learnt, nevertheless fascinates an international clientele who loves Paris and fashion. 

At Thalie Paris, we create daring handbags for women who do not want to compromise on styling and functionality, but understand the importance of not over-consuming while using available ressources. 

Each Thalie bag is designed to sublimate women, privileging ergonomics and movements, sensual and durable materials. 

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Photo: Helmut Newton - 16th Arrondissement, Paris 1976